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Item #: exh61566
This exhibit features four cross sectional views of the head cut at the level of the external auditory canal and middle and inner ear region in each image. These images reveal the ear anatomy, the cerebellum and temporal lobes with surrounding meninges, the maxillary and sphenoid sinuses, the mastoid regions and the course of the facial nerves exiting through the mastoid region and running forward beneath the skin. These four images illustrate the following specific conditions: Initial sinusitis with a large symbolic arrow showing the spread of the infection from sinuses into the inner ear region. Arrows show the infection spreading into the surrounding bone reflecting the mastoiditis. Intracranial spread of infection is depicted by redness surrounding the meninges and the development of infection within the cerebrospinal fluid.The eventual condition is depicted with a massive colonization of the infection around the brain and specifically the cerebellum.
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